Welcome to La Plancha. Spanish Tapas is a traditional assortment of dishes to share. We recommend two to three dishes per person. Perhaps have bread and salad with that also, all suitable for sharing.

Pan ~ Bread

A basket of plain toasted GF Bread (V) £4.25
Toasted GF Bread with Garlic Butter (V) small/large £4.95/£8.75
Toasted GF Bread topped with Sautéed Mushrooms and Aioli (V) small/large £6.25/£10.25
Toasted GF Bread topped with Serrano Ham and Melted Cheese small/large £6.75/£11
Dips to accompany the bread Choose from Homemade Chilli, Olive Tapenade, Humous or Aioli £2.75 each

Ensaladas ~ Salads

Cherry Tomato & Red Onion Mixed Leaf Salad (V) £6.95
Greek Salad, with Feta Cheese, Olives and Mixed Leaves (V) £8.95

Tapas served Cold

Aceitunas mixtasMixed Manzanilla Olives marinated in La Plancha’s own dressing (V) £4.75
Queso Manchego Spanish Manchego Cheese with Quince Jelly & Balsamic reduction £6.95
Jamon Serrano Spanish Serrano Cured Ham £7.95
Boquerones en vinagre Fresh Succulent Marinated Anchovies £6.75
Pimientos con queso feta Marinated Piquillo Peppers with Feta (V) £6.75
Pimientos rojos dulces con queso feta Sweet Hot Cherry Peppers filled with Cream Cheese (V) £6.75